I want to thank all my Partners, Mentors and Affiliates that inspired me and made Premium Design Studio a reality. Getting to the point of creating this and many other websites has something to do with learning the technologies involved, and has EVERYTHING to do with having the right attitude and the right mindset to actually DO IT. That’s why I want to credit the people who directly or indirectly contributed in one way or another to make this possible.

Dave Ramsey. Financial expert who inspired me to start a new career after attending to the Financial Peace University classes. www.daveramsey.com

Oseas Martínez. Website, graphic design and CAD expert who is my mentor and my friend. He taught me all I know about this career.

Brian Gardner. StudioPress CEO provide us great themes and support. I learn something new all the time. He and his team make my job easier. Excellent work well done. www.briangardner.com

Michael Campbell. Internet Marketing expert who shared with me his expertise not only about Internet marketing but also his recommendations such as reading Jeffrey Gitomer’s books. Michael’s knowledge is amazing and he does a great job teaching others. I enjoy listening to his podcasts. www.internetmarketingsecrets.com

Jeffrey Gitomer. Salesman, writer and trainer. From 0 to 10 I give him a 10.5. Jeffrey is one of the best in his field, but most of all his a great example to follow to anyone willing to overcome adversity, turning the negative into positive, misfortune into opportunity. www.gitomer.com

Jim Rohn. The great Jim Rohn who is no longer around, left one of the greatest legacies to the world. His teachings can inspire and transform your life forever. We’ll miss you Jim. www.jimrohn.com